Communications Strategy

Writer and editor

Do you have a project in mind, and maybe even some writing, but feel like you’re missing the mark? Afraid you’ll blow your budget on the wrong message, or the wrong medium? Maybe a facebook ad would be better than a brochure? Or you heard about this thing called social media marketing, but no idea where to start? Have a great idea, but not exactly sure who you’re trying to reach to move forward?

I have to say that everyone who has ever approached me has needed some communication strategy. Whether you hire me to write a report, a pitch, a press release, a proposal, a grant application, or a good old-fashioned communicaton plan, you’ll get my experience in strategic thinking and planning included for free.

I worked five years in an agency as lead strategist, so this work comes naturally. I never write or edit without first knowing your ultimate goal, what you’re trying to say, and who you’re trying to reach.