I’m a writer of all stripes.

First and foremost, I’m a creative writer of primarily science fiction and creative non-fiction. Most of my stories touch on topics like gender, literacy, social justice, mental health and climate change. Whether I draw from my own experience or my imagination, my goal is to say something about this world we live in. My hero is Ursula le Guin, who I managed to meet in person a few times. She represents the best in what I hope my stories can do: flawless writing that both entertains and makes you think.

I also write for work. I’m the in-house copy-editor and communications strategist at Latitude Agency, a design studio. That basically means I do a lot of research, and write reports and strategic plans for organizations and companies. Sometimes I write what we lovingly call ‘marketing fluff’ (which I used to hate, but I’ve grown fond of it over the years). I’m also responsible for making sure my boss looks good when he writes something, which is harder than you’d think! Kidding! My boss is the greatest. I love my job. See some of my work projects here.

And lastly, I also teach writing! This is an incredibly rewarding job I don’t get to do enough of. My favourite is teaching teenagers creative writing. I also enjoy teaching ESL through creative writing. You’d be amazed how much easier and more fun it is to learn a second language when you’re being creative with it.

I live and write in Vancouver, BC, in an old, creepy house on a hill, where I enjoy the view from my writing desk immensely.

I have a diploma in Pedagogy from the Universiteit van Amsterdam and a bachelor’s degree with minors in English and visual arts from the University of the Fraser Valley.

I’m currently querying a middle grade science fiction novel about a girl who finds out she’s an alien, and I’m working on another book, a YA science fiction novel about a boy who wakes up on his sixteenth birthday and can see monsters (hint: they’re actually aliens trapped on earth in the fifth dimension!).